Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Women Who Like Women(The Letter E)

Oh my God, what a fucking weekend. I think I'm finally sober. I turned 21 on Monday, where I dragged my ass through a doctor's checkup and the longest six hours of work I have ever expericenced. Tuesday sucked more. Just exhausted. I finally had a day off today. And to the subject at hand, ladies and gents....



LOL, sorry for the excitement. My sexy ass girlfriend Mya introduced me to exctasy this weekend. I'm not talking about some cheesy disco song. We have been wanting to try it forever, but I'm all 'noid and shit about my job. I'm a little more secure in my finances now, and she's had it before and said it was amazing. I got off work around 9PM, and rushed home to get clean and smooth for her. She is around 5'7, light skinned, long Pocahontas hair and an ass that makes dudes do a double take, I shit you not, everywhere we go. She has a face like a model. Thicka then a snicka.. Let me not get my horny ass all lit up thinking about it! She gets off her night job at eleven, so while I was waiting I curled my hair into a cute style, long but pulled away from y forehead, and thought about what my night might be turning into. I had a few dates lined up that I cancelled. I was kind of irritated because one was actually just massage. Nice guy! But I sucked it up, and when she called at eleven fifteen, I was excited. She had gotten me some Hennessy and apple juice, and reserved a hotel in a city close by so that we could get fucked up, go to the club, and crash afterwards. We took my pony and shopping bags full of club stuff, only to have the fucking sky fall out about 10 minutes away from our destination. I take sleep aids that make my eyes sensitive to light. I already can't see shit. We pulled over on the side of the road to switch positions in the car, and I was eyeing her body so hard. She got into the driver's side, huffy with aggravation. "Damn, my hair is going to be ruined! It's already freaking 1:30, and you know how those fags act funny when it gets close to closing time! I'm not even dressed!" And, we were not even remotely intoxicated, save the blunt she had been smoking since we started driving. I was not trying to be down the whole night though. I figured, if we can't go find niggas to have fun with.. They can come to us. "Let's make some money, dude!" I suggested. I was extremely surprised that the only question she had was, "With who?" I did not think it would be so easy. I quickly said, "Craigslist" but then I realized that it was late as fuck. People are not as active in the wee hours of the morning as they are around 9 or 10. I still asked for her G1 to post one though. My BlackBerry is a pain in the ass to use on that site. The ad would not post. All this time, we are pulling on clothes that we bought earlier, brushing our hair, and mixing up drinks. She finally remembered that we still had not taken the cookies. She took out the little plastic baggie edge and pulled out two. We each took one, ceremoniously, with a big sip of apple juice. About 7 minutes later, I was getting antsy, wondering how I was supposed to feel. We were only a tiny bit tipsy, too. She stood in front of the big vanity mirrors next to one of the beds, posing. "Come on, let's take the other ones." We popped those impatiently. While I was debating, I looked at the clock and it hit me. "Let's go to the club!" I fairly screamed. She gave me a severe side eye. "What the hell are you talking about? If niggas ain't acted up earlier, they might be throwing everyone out right now!" I smiled, watching her pull a black lace see-through dress over her big hips. Her pierced nipples were hard and it made me want to suck them. Bad. Lol, getting ahead of myself. "Exactly! Dudes is drunk, flossing, showing off in front off their lame ass friends, and best of all TRICKING. It's a Saturday night. Let's get it." By this time I had changed clothes at least 4 times, and was wearing, finally, a pair of patent leather kitten stiletto heels, Seven jeans and a halter top that had my titties looking delicious. She was still wiggling around in her dress. I gave her a playful slap on her huge ass and tried my best to assure her that she looked awesome. She slid into some beautiful Guess heels that made her tiny feet look even better, and we finally made it to the parking lot, stumbling a little. I got into the car and let her drive. It was a balmy night, and my stereo system was sounding like the buisness. We were listening to that damn Pretty Ricky "Tipsy" song when the shit hit me. My body woke the fuck up. I started singing the hook and touching myself all over my body. I felt something like a wet mouth caressing my ear, but it was just Mya stroking it with her little hands. It sounded like the raggedy ass dude singing the song was whispering in my ear. I was grinning from ear to ear, all of a sudden. She had a knowing look on her face, and I reached over, while she was driving, and felt her fishnet stockings on her soft thighs. "Aye! Oh my God, girl, I feel so fucking GOOD! You feel fucking good..." The song had me grinding around in my seat, wanting to feel anything, something, hard, soft, wet, SHIT. "I'm so fucking high, Mya. Oh my God, I'm so fucking HIGH." I was trying not to babble too much because that tends to fuck up people's buzz, but she did not mind at all. She was feeling it too. Her hand started rubbing my breasts and shoulders as much as she could while steering safely. X makes you thirsty as hell. Our mouths started chattering while they worked, feeling my own tongue in my mouth had me horny. Souljah Boy came barrelling in screaming about turning his fag on or something and we both gave each other shitty looks because the music sounded horrible in our new state of paradise. The next song was "Mira, Mira" by Al Be Back. It was very slow and lazy and he sounded sexy. It was playing as we pulled up to the club. All the time we had spent bullshitting in the car, we had not even anticipated how we were going to go about getting money, lol. As soon as my pony pulled in the lot, we turned heads. She was clean and ArmorAlled down and such, but they saw us in the front and started hollering like we owed them child support or something. Grown ass dudes, SMH! We plotted before they came over. "Get out the car, nigga!" She looked at me like I was crazy. "Change seats!!" I pressured. I saw the group of dudes near the entrance with a rimmed-out Charger start heading our way. I opened my door and slid out on weak legs, and she hopped her donk out of the car to get on the other side. The dudes went fucking nuts. I winked at her. We sat in the car and slammed the door. Two of the dudes damn near broke their necks sprinting over to our whip. I felt like I was at a damn dice game or something. "YOYOWHATCHALLDOIN" and it sounded like Chinese or something to us. we were zoning. We totally should have decided on this mess before we started rolling. I've never let a drug cloud my judgement before, and a few days later I felt really stupid. But they kept hollering and complimenting. The music and the energy was so right. I leaned over and whispered something in her ear. I don't even remember what I said! I looked around at all the dudes and said... "We are putting on a show." More cheering and shit like they were at a prizefight. "But..." I explained, "We are expensive." Cue boisterous bragging about how they did not know what kind of men we had been fucking with, but they had money. Big ups to all my dudes who ain't afraid to pay for pussy! "Tickets are $200 a pop, who is coming?" The crowd thinned pretty easily, lol. We were left with a short, dark-skinned dude and a tall, fat brown dude on each side of the car. I talked to big Poppa. "We gets money. This is our town." he was sure to let me know. I gave him the number to my Palm Centro, which is now my business phone again. They said they were going to get some food or whatever dudes do when they leave the club. We drove off and were just cheesing extra hard. "Come on, let's go get some water.." She said, idly. Like I was running behind the car or something. The driving was languid and beautiful. We stopped at a service station and I got out, touching my jeans and my face and loving the feeling. I wanted to hug the lady behind the counter as I took my big ass cup of ice and water up to her. I sucked the water up like I was dehydrated. God damn it was good. Mya grabbed the cup from me as soon as I got in the car and did the same. She opened the cup and pulled out several pieces of ice. She slid one into my mouth and I sucked her finger and the ice. She rolled her tongue around her piece, flicking her piercing around and closing her eyes. "Damn, why ain't they called?" I wondered. We were just chilling in the car. Both of my damn phones were at the damn hotel. I roared my car to life and we hit the highway with a sense of increased urgency, cause even if those dudes did not show up I was ready to get all up in her, not now but RIGHT NOW. We pulled up outside and went into our room through the side door, stumbling and laughing. I heard the T-Mobile jingle all the way down the hall. Good grief! They had called 6 times and left 2 voice messages. I called back to no response, hung up, and they called right back. "Ayo we outside." Me and Mya looked at each other and around the room, trying to get shit in order. We held hands. We left and went back outside, where Big Poppa was still sitting in the car. Shorty Dark gave me a knot of money. "Hey, my man got the other $20." What the fuck?? Yall motherfuckers rode here together in the same car and still could not get your paper straight? Simple asses. He went back inside with Mya and I walked over to dude in the car and asked for my money. He handed it right over. "Thank you big daddy. Are you ready to come in?" He looked really nervous, but said yes. I ran over to my Mustang and tucked the money the center console. We walked in together. I walked in and Mya and shorty were groping each other on the bed. She had already pulled his dick out, which was a nice size, and was getting ready to suck it. I hate fucking with no sound. I asked her to use her G1's nice music player. My Centro and BlackBerry have great sound, but I listen to shit that might have killed the damn mood, like Nirvana, Danzig, and Chromeo. An old Janet song came on and I yelled, "That used to be my shitty shit back in the day!" The dudes cracked up, but Mya just pulled me on top of her and kissed me. Collective "Oh SHITS" from the guys. She pulled my titties out and sucked one of my nipples while she rubbed her thumb across the other. Next thing you know, Shorty had his dick in her mouth and I felt Big Poppa rubbing my breasts and ass, gently turning me around to face him. Water. I ran to get cups and filled them, draining a cup while he watched. "Mya, do you want some water?" I handed her a cup and watched her drink, sliding to my knees and taking Poppa's dick into my mouth. It just magically appeared! It was not tiny or huge, and I teased him with the ice in my mouth and my flickering tongue. He was moaning and grabbing my head. I saw Mya and Shorty changing positions into a 69, and I saw her watching me. She beckoned me to come over to their bed. She kissed me, then told me to lay down in front of her so she could alternate sucking him and licking my clit. I sucked on big daddy's balls and moaned while she moved her tongue perfectly. I'm loud. He pinched my nipples and touched her long hair while she ate me. The drug had my pussy so sensitive. She started sucking my clit gently and moving that barbell back and forth... Her middle finger massaged my g-spot and I could feel the come starting to build up and leak out. Oral sex usually takes a while for me, even when she is doing it. But it was simple tonight. She picked up on my moans and my muscle contractions to learn the perfect tempo and pressure. I took Big Poppa's swollen dick out of my mouth to scream out her name, several times in a row, because the orgasm felt like it lasted for minutes instead of seconds. My come was dripping off of her pretty face and hair, and Shorty sat up and tried to look around her big ass to see what had squirted all over his nuts. The men looked like they wanted to high five each other. "Come on, sexy. Let me do it to you. I crawled to my knees and pushed her on her back. Her pussy was pretty and pink and I licked her eagerly. It felt amazing on my tongue and she tasted sweet. Shorty was sucking on her nipples and Big Poppa was fingering me from behind, touching himself and watching with avid interest. I licked and sucked her through several songs, her hands tangled up in my curls. I moaned into her. She stopped me, pulled me up and licked some of her juice off of my lips, and grabbed Shorty's dick. I felt Poppa nudging me from behind to me. We had condoms, Magnums and Lifestyles on deck. Lube too, but we did not need it. He rolled one onto his dick and told me to lay down so he could look at my body. He slid it it in with no hesitation and I screamed out, "Daddy!" It really did not feel that serious or big, but the walls of my pussy were tight and sensitive. I looked over to the other bed and saw Mya riding him. His strong hands were around her waist and the color contrast was such a turn on.
I felt my second nut coming sooner than I thought it would. "Daddy can I please come?" I whispered, helplessly. I don't ever normally come with tricks. Fucking E... I squirted all over his big azz stomach and he said he liked seeing that. A few seconds later he got all loud and shit and I felt him come. I stroked his shoulders and back, kissing his chest. He hopped his big self up, holding carefully on to the condom as he eased out. He went to the bathroom to wash up, and I got up and sat on the other bed, grinning at Mya. She rolled her eyes at me with a wink. They had switched positions but now she was back on top and looked bored. I grabbed a cup of water, got her one, and asked the guys if they wanted any. They declined. Big Poppa said he was ready to leave, and I realized that I could not remember if I had locked my doors. Shit. I don't trust anyone. I told them I needed my charger, and asked Fatty McBriggs if I could borrow his shirt to walk out in the parking lot. He said sure, and I went, sat in the car, which was foolishly wide fucking open, and counted the money. All of it was there. I tucked it into a tight stack in my hand and went back in, sans charger, saying I could not find it. Big Boy was chilling on the bed, and there was a big wet spot where we had sex. I could not believe that his little shit made me do that. I put the money discreetly in one of her tiny custom AF1's that were on her side of the bed. I kept stroking his ego, telling him how he had good dick, and thanking him. He told his boy that he was about to get ghost. He had not even came yet. They exchanged some complicated looking handshake and left after giving me a slight hug. He probably had a girl or something. Mya and Shorty were laying on the bed. I could tell she was trying to hurry him up, so I kissed her and asked if I could share. I pulled on a new condom and started sucking his long dick. I could tell that the difference in our styles was blowing his mind. She is more direct with her head, and I tease. I love to ride a big dick, so I climbed on top and took him until the head of his dick was touching my cervix with every stroke. Mya whispered me to speak Spanish to him and I did, telling him how much I wanted it and how good it felt. What do you know.... :-0 Coming again. We all saw the come squirt out past his navel towards his chest. I was squirming all over with the good feeling. "Can I have it from the back, Papi?" He drawled "Sure" in his country but cool accent. My hands tore up the sheets and he slid into me. He traced my lower back on my tattoo while he fucked me, and I threw it back hard. I started screaming, and I know that that pushed him over the edge. Some men like to be dominated, but others like to feel strong, and to be told that the dick is good. "Oh shit, I'm about to, Fuck I'm about to, I'm coming, shit!", he chanted. Mya caressed his balls while he came. Like his buddy, he pulled out very carefully and headed to the bathroom. Mya and I kissed and giggled together before we got up to drink even more water. I swear 'fo God, I drank more water that night than I have drank previously in weeks. He came back into the room and we both complimented his body. He was not chiseled, but nicely defined, with silky dark skin and a nice booty. He rustled around in his jean's pockets and gave Mya a big ass bud of weed to break down for them to smoke. I don't 420. I don't find anything wrong with people who do, it's just not my type of high. She got up and sat in a chair, and I laid next to him on the bed. Since the touchy-feely sensation had not gone away, I offered to give him a massage. I straddled his back and rubbed cocoa butter oil all over him, from his neck to his toes, enjoying his soft skin. I love guys who take care of their bodies. We all joked as they passed the weed back and forth. We came to the decision that he reminded us of a shorter, younger, Reggie Bush. If it is possible for him to blush, he was. It was a total "Aw, Shucks!" look. Adorable! When I looked at the clock shortly afterwards, I noticed it was almost six. Time flew! I let Reggie know that we needed to get some sleep, but to hit us up later on that afternoon to go get lunch or something. I dropped him off at a different nice hotel a few miles away.. WTF. When I got home, Mya was still wide awake. We lay in bed, laughing and talking about how good it had turned out. We touched each other and fell asleep about an hour later, and check out time was 12PM. What a fucking night... The next night was even more crucial. Whew...

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Screening Process

Now working for an escort service does have a few benifits to a girl with less time on her hands. They are mostly working to shield you from cops and weirdos. When you have your own biz and take care of it yourself, the bonuses seem to outweigh the cons. No agency fee. A more personal feel for all parties involved. Freedom. Unfortunately, this leaves the sometimes intricate art of screening your potential clients up to you. 99.9 percent of the responses you get will be jackasses or pic collecters. I'm talking about CL specifically; I make it very clear in my ad that I need an e-mail with a FACE pic, their location and when they would like me to be there. My rate is also listed. Most of my replies are, "GOT PIXXX???", "R U GUNNA B NUDE?", "DO YOU CHARGE??" and "WHERE YOU AT?" I have also been surprised by a few small and several large penises on my BlackBerry or laptop screen. Fuck, it makes me want to snap a bitch's tibula. Read the motherfucking ad that you responded to! It does not surprise me anymore that most of my clientele are at least 35. I normally play e-tag for about 5 messages, then I suggest that they give me their number, so I can call. I ask their name, where they live(if visiting, who? why?), why they responded to my ad, and ask them where it hurts. *Massage, DUH* I then ask if they agree with my rates. If I get any kind of shakyness when I ask these questions, I can either assume that they are new to this, or just up to no good. I'm not sure if I've ever talked to the police, but I've turned down more than a few guys for being fucking stupid on the phone. I will not talk about 420, sex, blow, or anything illegal. "Do you do full service?" WTF. "Yes sir, I would love to be arrested in all of my foolish glory at some ritzy downtown hotel." Get the hell out of here, man.
I tend to vibe more easily with laid back or shy older men. Once I've gotten them to agree to the rate, I head on my way. I try to keep my car clean and comfortable, because I spend so much time in her. She's a 2002 Satin Silver Mustang. Total dick magnet, she is. One of my biggest annoyances is that I can't figure out what I want to listen to while I'm driving. All of my CDs are burned and I have labeled not even one. Epic Fail on my part. So I'm driving down these dusty ass roads and throwing discs everywhere, trying to e-mail on one phone, and talk on the other. I guess that's what I can do when I wake up today. Yeah right, hehe. I listen to a lot of Sade, Jay-Z, N.E.R.D, Kanye West, Common, and trance music, from artists like DJ Shadow. I also have my token high energy music from artists like Michael Jackson, Rockwell, Kylie Minogue, and JLo when I am fighting that post-coital slump and drive in the stanky fog.
When I get to the city of the transaction, I call the dude and ask him for directions. It gives me a chance to break the ice and feel out his personality. The first impression from their point of view is probably pretty tame. I normally wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt, unless it's requested that I wear anything different. My boobies are usually on display, and I always give them a bright smile and hug them. I'm very aware of my surroundings. I don't like townhomes or any setups that are 2-level. I'm not going to ask for a damn tour, but not knowing what is behind doors number 3 and 4 will signifigantly damper my performance. I ask the guy to take me to the area that he would like to be massaged in. All the while, I'm looking for signs of life in the house, like clothes piled up or empty bottles of gatorade. A house that is too immaculate strikes me as suspicious. I ask if they have animals so I'm not startled if one makes a noise later.

Annnd... asking for and recieving payment. Fellas, if you are reading this and feel insulted, get your shit together. It is uncomfortable for me to have to ask your bitch ass for payment. Leave it on a table and point it out. Hand it to me when I walk in. Don't fucking talk about sex with me. I will leave. Once the money is in my hand, the situation will change instantly. Sorry it has to be like that. Hell to the naw, you may not pay after the massage is over. I'm sure something will have conveniently happened to those 20's after you bust that nut. Don't haggle, you cheap fuck. Massages are a luxury. If you can't afford it, stay that ass home and wait till you can. I usually let the money flutter discreetly into my purse and pull out the massage oil. Baby oil or cocoa butter oil, you can't really go wrong! *grin* I've been blessed with nothing but great clients since I started back.
More detailed customer stories to follow.

For $30 Per Hour...

I will put up with some bullshittery. Some "escorts" charge by the hour. I've tried that. Around my way, you will see ads for QV's(quick visits) HHRS(Half hours), BJ's, and such. How chatty. Honestly, in a Southern area that is generally pretty well affected by the recession, charging by the hour can make your customers feel rushed, and they will be more rude, demanding, and irritated if they don't feel like they have made their money stretch as far as possible. And by only spending such a short amount of time with these guys, you free up your night, tempting you to answer more calls and make more money. I understand that bills need to be paid, but spreading yourself (no pun intended) too thin will give you the spirit and the appearance of a saddle that's been rode hard and hung to dry wet. I see one guy a night. It gives me a chance to go home in the morning or that night and shower (Jesus, they don't make water HOT enough), and also to pay those bills, go to my part-time retail sales job, clean up Mom's crib, shop for sexy lingerie, eat, and put up another ad. My rate is usually $200 per night. I give regulars or people who don't have much time breaks on the fee. I look at it like this. I make $9 per hour, busting my ass for six and a half hours a day. When you take the everlasting taxes out... that's about 50 bucks. Fuck my life. When I get off, I rush home to shower, brush my teeth and shave if I need to, curl my hair, and put on sexy clothes. Anywhere I commute will be at least an hour each way. I meet a new person, I massage this person. We have sex, which may or may not be "good" for me. We sometimes cuddle. Often eat, and talk about everything under the sun. I make some excuse about work or (God forgive me) church around six AM and get the fuck out. Never more than six hours, max. Sooo... that breaks down to (Uncle Sam forgive me) about 30 dollars per hour to let a man try and make me feel good. I feel like a dumb dirty whore for sticking around at my day job! I sometimes dream of quitting and devoting a bunch of time to this occupation, but I still need a legit source of income. I want a convertible 'Vette by next summer. I think I can do it.